Commonly referred to as the HGH, the human growth hormone plays a very important role in body composition, growth, metabolism and cell repair. It basically has the potential to make you healthier, stronger and younger. On the other side of the coin, low HGH levels may affect your quality of life negatively. For instance insufficient levels of the anabolic hormone can easily make you gain more fat or enhance your risk of chronic illnesses.

Interestingly though, your lifestyle can have a very big impact on your HGH levels. If you rarely exercise, eat poorly and don’t sleep, your human growth hormone production is likely to be below average. But integrating these 5 practices into your daily routine can help enhance your HGH levels naturally and help you defy aging forever:

Quality Sleep

Getting uninterrupted, quality sleep every night will go a long way in helping you enhance your HGH and testosterone production. Research shows that enough sleep boosts growth hormone production by over 20 percent. So if you want to get that leaner, stronger and healthier body, make sure you get enough and quality sleep every day. Also make sure you sleep in a darkened environment and you get rid of anything that can distract you when sleeping. This includes things like televisions, tablets and phones.

Exercise at a High Intensity

Because of the increase in lactic acid and its metabolic nature, high intensity workouts increase growth hormone levels the most. In fact research shows that it is one of the most effective ways to boost your levels naturally. Weight training, circuit training, repeated sprints and interval training will all raise your levels and enhance fat loss. Nonetheless note that these spikes are usually short term, but long term workouts can help you reduce your body fat levels and optimize your levels in general.

Avoid eating before bedtime

Most late night bites are usually something sweet which is not good for your body. Because of the sweet or starchy carbs they can easily lead to an increase in your glucose levels which negatively affects your body’s ability to produce HGH. Avoid taking anything at least 3 hours before you go to bed and if you must eat something, then go for protein.

The Paleo Diet

The modern diet that most of us eat today is awash with carbs that cause insulin levels in our bloodstream to skyrocket which is not good for HGH production and circulation. It prevents the growth hormone from entering the bloodstream and you do not need that if you want to boost your growth hormone levels. What you need is the hormone flooding your blood and paleo diet does exactly that.

Avoid Alcohol

According to a recent study, people who took a single glass of wine saw their growth hormone levels drop by 60 percent as they slept. This is because the beverage suppresses HGH release when one is asleep, so avoiding it can help you maintain optimum levels of the anabolic hormone.

If you want to keep your body strong and lean into old age, maintaining enough levels of the growth hormone is very essential. Just exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, eat a healthy diet at the right time and you will be on your way to gaining the most out of your optimum HGH levels.

Natural Supplements

Supplements aren’t exactly natural, but they can be a great way to boost growth hormone levels. If you go that route, make sure you buy hgh supplements from trusted sources.