If you want to gain mass quickly or reduce the effects of aging then you will want to choose between the use of human growth hormone or testosterone. Both compounds are hormones that occur naturally within the human body however they function differently. Each supplement has its strengths and weaknesses therefore it would be in your best interest to research each before committing to one.

HGH Therapy

Human growth hormone was synthesized by the medical community to help children with growth deficiencies gain a few more inches. Following more in-depth studies of growth hormone, doctors were able to discover even more applications for its use. This research helped HGH move from more traditional medical uses to cosmetic use as bodybuilders and celebrities alike adopted it for its anti-aging and mass gaining effects.

HGH works by making your body feel young again. It turns back the clock to a time when the body was concentrating and getting bigger and firmer therefore by using it in conjunction with exercise, bodybuilders are able to enjoy faster muscle gain. When secreted into the bloodstream, growth hormone only lasts a few minutes before the liver converts it to IGF-1 which is where the anabolic properties come from.

Side-effects from using HGH are rare. When its use became popular there was a scare that it would result in larger than average organs and bones in its users however that fear has since been proven to be the exception rather than the rule. Yes, it is possible for people to get big livers or feet however that is in very few cases and is only associated with extremely large doses.

In the United States HGH can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription however you can boost your body’s growth hormone levels naturally with weight training and supplements that contain arginine and glutamine will give you a more significant rise in HGH if taken properly.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone and when supplemented you can enjoy the benefits of longevity and increased muscle mass.

As people age their testosterone levels drop because their bodies do not require testosterone as much as they did when they were younger. Reduced levels of testosterone are commonly associated with reduced sexual desire, low self-confidence, signs of ageing and an inability to sleep well through the night.

Normal testosterone levels are about 600 ng/dL in men. Testosterone therapy is usually only prescribed if the patient’s testosterone levels have dipped below 300 ng/dL. Most men only consider testosterone therapy when their low levels affect their sex drives however it is important to note that low levels of testosterone can affect many areas of a man’s life. Raising a man’s testosterone levels has proven to improve many important markers of a man’s health which is why men with higher testosterone levels tend to live longer.

Raising a person’s testosterone levels through therapy does come with risks. High levels of testosterone are often associated with higher chances of strokes and blood clots however the patients can reduce this risk by donating blood regularly. Another side-effect, although cosmetic, is the high chance of breast enlargement which is a result of the body converting excess testosterone in the bloodstream to oestrogen.

Choosing Between the Two

Deciding between which of the two therapies to use depends on what you want to get out of the treatment. If your goal is to build muscle mass then testosterone is probably for you. This is because people generally have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies thanks to fast food culture and the propensity to not move around much during the day. Also, bodybuilders who have tried both generally agree that testosterone therapy helped them to gain more mass.

HGH will probably be the better option if what you want is to reduce the symptoms of aging. Women generally do not want high levels of testosterone therefore growth hormone is a good option for them to stop wrinkles appearing and since only low doses are required for such a treatment, they will not have to worry about the side-effects associated with HGH such as enlarged feet.

You should note that both HGH and testosterone therapy are banned by anti-doping committees worldwide. You can use them to build mass, but not to compete. We have detailed reviews of hgh supplements for sale from good sources. If you have learned enough, head over and learn about the specific supplements we have reviewed.