One of problems that come up with increasing age, which you may not feel free to discuss about with just anyone, is the problem of sexual debility or lack of libido. This is not your problem only, but a problem with most men and women who tend to get this because of lowering levels of HGH in their body. To find out the cause and the solution, you have to know first what HGH and its role is in your sex lives.

What is HGH?

HGH is the human growth hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. The role of HGH is in promoting growth in the body. As life starts in the womb of a female, the role of growth hormone starts with it. Every single process of cell reproduction, regeneration and multiplication which results in enlargement of muscles and body organs and everything happens under the influence of the growth hormone. Besides, there are many other functions of the hormone, and one of them is to maintain libido.

How sex drive is linked to HGH?

When with aging, the levels of growth hormone falls in the body, many of the problems come forth with it. One such problem is the lack of libido. The hormone has a big role in pumping the heart. And the proper pumping of heart results in better blood circulation and better metabolism. As you get a good circulation, your sex organs also get more blood and oxygen. This helps males in getting a better penile erection, and females in avoiding dryness of the vagina. The other benefits of stable growth hormone levels that you enjoy are increased energy while doing sex, and better performance of the heart in foreplay and during intercourse.

With diminishing HGH the heart pumps lesser, circulation in the body gets poorer, and males cannot attain their erections as fast as earlier and hold it long. Libido is affected in both males and females. If only you can restore the levels of growth hormone back to normal in the body, you may get back your healthy body and sex drive back.

Studies that prove the link between HGH and sex drive

There are clinical studies done on the role of HGH in libido enhancement and the results that came out were pathfinders. In the 1990s Dr. Daniel Rudman conducted a research on 25 men aged 65 to 81, and got amazing results in restoring back their sex drive through HGH therapy. Years later with 302 participants, the Palm Springs study once again proved the same association of growth hormone levels with sex drive and performance.

HGH supplements that can help you get back the rhythm in your sex life

There are both supplements and injections for sale. But availability of the injections is subjected to production of doctor’s prescriptions, and they are intended for serious growth hormone deficiencies. Normally you would need HGH supplements to restore you sex drive, and get back the healthy sex life. The supplements can be bought as OTC products, and you can start their use anytime to restore the depleted level of HGH in body. Results will be marked very soon, as you would feel more energetic, get a better mood, and your libido and performance power would come back with a bang.